4 Ways To Feel Like The Rockstar You Are










Recovery and treatment isn’t always glamorous, Sometimes, you just feel down on yourself for being in rehab at the time in your life. During those hard times, use these four methods to pick that confidence meter back up. The crowd will go wild in your self-esteem.

Take Awesome Selfies

Selfies get a bad reputation, it’s true. Some have gone so far to say that selfies cause narcissism or might be the evidence of an entire generation of narcissists. Though selfies can be used for worse instead of better, they can be used in health rather than sickness. A good selfie can give you a little boost. Fix your hair, clean your face, and get cracking. Make every face you can think of that you make- that’s your faces. Take a photo of every single one. Now, take a look at how you look in all different situations. Laugh at your silly faces, smile at your smiley faces, and have great compassion for your sad faces. The point of the exercise? You’re you! You’re great. Embrace who you are in every kind of moment, because there’s nobody else like you.

Tell Yourself How Good You Look

Again, no need to be self-centered and conceited, but proud (in that super humble way) about how you look. Hang out with yourself in the mirror and actively eliminate that idea of perfectionism. This practice might not be for everyone. Some people develop a toxic relationship with their reflection and it can be upsetting. However, looking in the mirror can also help you embrace yourself. Dang, you look good. If you’re loving what you’re wearing, love yourself in it.

Wear Whatever The Heck You Want

Who says you have to limit what you wear because of how you think you look? You can wear whatever you want. When you dress with confidence, you wear the best outfit you own, every time. Don’t let fashion dictate what does and doesn’t look right on you. You can wear whatever style you want. Feel like dying your hair pink? Do it. It will come out eventually. Recovery is about learning to live without the fears that hold you back from being your authentic self. Bring on the love!

Stop Double-Tapping “Perfection”

The intimates company for women called Aerie made a big decision a few years ago to stop using overly thin models and photoshopping their images. Instead, they use women of all different shapes and sizes to advertise their clothing. Bodies aren’t “perfect” because there is no such thing as perfect. Find women who embrace body of their which are similar to your s instead of obsessing over a body which isn’t yours. You’ll feel inspired by their confidence and empowerment.

Lakehouse Recovery Center wants you to know that you can heal and learn to love your life again. We offer residential treatment programs and recovery services to take your through your treatment journey into a year of proven aftercare. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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