4 Tips for Living with an Addict

You may have become accustomed to living with your loved one while they were active in their addiction, but when they come home from treatment, it’s a whole different ballgame. As you well know, addiction affects the entire family, and its aftermath doesn’t just disappear when someone gets clean and sober. Treatment is only the beginning of your loved one’s recovery; the road ahead is a long one, but it can also be a rewarding journey for both of you. The following are a few tips to keep in mind for when your loved one returns home:

  1. Be Supportive – It may be necessary to change your own lifestyle, if it involves drinking or drug use. A safe environment, especially in the first year of sobriety, is essential for an addict or alcoholic. Just as it’s hard to eat ice cream when it isn’t in the freezer, so it goes with the temptation to use or drink if it isn’t in the house.
  2. Get Support – Addicts aren’t the only ones who need a tribe. You’ve been through a battle, too. Finding the right group of people who know what it’s like to love an addict, can do wonders for learning how to cope and deal with this particular set of stressors. Groups such as Nar-Anon, Al-Anon, SMART Recovery Family and Friends, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Families Anonymous are all designed for people whose lives have been touched by addiction.
  3. Relieve Stress – Stress affects everyone. For addicts, it can be a relapse trigger, so it needs to be addressed. The less stress a household feels, the better. Do things for yourself, such as exercising, journaling, meditation, and massage. Activities that you can do with your loved one can also benefit you both. Try cooking together, watching movies, and taking long walks.
  4. Communicate – Communication is key. If something is bothering you, gently let your loved one know, and come up with a solution together. Using the phrase, “When you….. (fill in the blank), I feel….. (fill in the blank)” is an effective way to open up the communication lines. Each person should be able to voice their feelings while the other listens, and vice versa. Your loved one will be much more skilled in talking it out when they return from treatment, and doing so at home is good practice.

You don’t have to live with addiction any longer. Call the Lakehouse Recovery Center to start building a life that you will truly love. You are not alone in this. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. Your life can change, and you can recover. Take this opportunity, and begin carving a new life in recovery. Call us today.



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