3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for, Not Against You

These days, it’s not often that you come across someone with no social media presence. It seems everyone is connected, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. Social media is a bit of a double-edge sword, in that it has the power to connect people, but it also has the ability make us feel isolated. Connection is a critical piece of recovery. There are strength in numbers, and the 21st century is unrolling that strength in the form of digital media.

Though texting, using direct messages, or sending video clips through various big-name platforms are all forms of communication, you should still strive to have actual human contact. It can be a little harder and more time consuming, but being around people and not on your phone is important for your mental health and your recovery.

Ways to Help Make Social Media Work in Your Favor

  1. Do Some Spring Cleaning – Now that you’re in recovery, you don’t need to be bombarded with drinking and using posts. Even if they’re your “friends,” triggering content needs to be weeded out. On the “friends” part, remember, the only thing that needs to change, is everything. Find new friends who have similar goals in recovery; when you open your apps, you’ll see them actually achieving things, not just scoring a good happy hour.
  2. Put It to Good Use – There are so many recovery-related sites, apps, and groups in the digital space. From sober days/minutes/hours/heartbeats counters, to support forums for drug addicts and alcoholics, there is something for everyone that can boost recovery. Even online meetings are taking place constantly, all around the world. If you can’t be face to face for some reason, you can still connect.
  3. Don’t False Compare – What you see online isn’t what you get (usually). People tend to paint themselves as happier/richer/smarter/etc., than what they really are. Never attempt to match your insides with someone else’s outsides. You are enough, and that is all you need.


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