3 Ways The Family Heals During Treatment

When a loved one goes to treatment, the whole family has an opportunity to heal. Here are three ways the family will heal during the treatment process.

Everyone Becomes More Honest

Honesty is the first step of recovery. Family members are often practicing honesty, sometimes too much honesty, far before the addict or alcoholic in their life is. Doing their best to be honest with their loved one, family members tell their loved ones the state of their addiction, how it is having an effect, and what it is doing to the family.

Until their addicted loved one is ready to be rigorously honest with themselves, they will not be able to receive the honesty of the family. Through treatment and family therapy, everyone has an opportunity to be honest.

Deep feelings of fear, resentment, care, and concern which might not ever have been exposed before are brought to the surface. In a safe and structured session with a trained therapist, the family can express their honest truths and finally relieve the tensions which have been in place for many years. Moving forward, there is a philosophy of honest in the whole family system, which helps keep the addicted loved one more accountable in recovery.

Communication Becomes a Family Effort

Communication is key in any relationship. Families are built on relationships, specific and special relationships between each member of the family, and a familial relationship overall. Through family therapy and the treatment process, families learn how to communicate in healthy ways with one another so they continue upholding their honesty for themselves.

Communication helps family members express concern without accusing, fear without projecting, and love without smothering in any way. On good days and bad days, families can rely on their communication skills to bring them back to center again.

Tools for Working Together as a Family Are Learned

Family therapy in treatment gives families many different tools they need to survive the early phases of recovery, and maintain recovery ongoing. Addiction is often called a family disease because once a loved one becomes addicted, each member of the family is affected. Tools help the family manage relapses, rule breaking, boundary crossing, and more.

Tools also help the family learn how to have fun together and maintain the healthy side of recovery. Families aren’t supposed to be the policing agency on their loved one’s addiction, but a support system and cheerleading team for their loved one’s recovery.


Lakehouse Recovery Center offers family therapy and a family weekend of programming for family healing. We believe there is a solution for addiction and alcoholism, for everyone who the disease affects. For information on our residential treatment programs and 12 month aftercare, call us today:  877.762.3707


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