3 Ways An Eating Disorder Can Develop Unsuspectingly










Eating disorders are not extreme dieting trends or passing phases that girls go through. An eating disorder can happen to anyone of any gender identity at any stage in their life. Without treatment, eating disorders can become severe and disruptive. Though someone might not get into dangerous levels of poor health, their mental health and self-image struggle significantly.

Diets, Trends, And Lifestyle Obsessions

Professionals in the field are concerned about the surging obsession with leading a healthy lifestyle. Though many claim to be more balanced and holistic, many new “lifestyle” trends include a lot of restriction, sometimes even shaming for breaking the trend. Clean eating, crossfit, paleo, and other lifestyle trends can cause too rigorous of a lifestyle. Diets and trend diets can also be restrictive, causing a hyper focus and obsession with counting calories, chronically stepping on the scale, and logging every minute of exercise. Without regulation and flexibility, it can lead to a shift in the brain which becomes unhealthy.

Grief, Loss, And Trauma

Life events can be significant and impactful. Going through the process of grief, trying to cope with loss, and living with untreated trauma can cause someone to feel out of control in their lives. Eating disorder are largely about control. When someone’s life or feelings are out of control, controlling diet, exercise and body image can feel like a relief. Getting lost in these behaviors can include a lot of denial. If you are concerned someone is struggling with eating issues and they blatantly deny that there is anything difficult going on, it could be a sign of maladaptive coping behaviors.

Shaming, Self-Criticism, And Poor Body Image

Eating disorder take body image into heavy account. When someone is struggling with their body image, they don’t see himself with a lot of worth or esteem. They feel unworthy of love and attention or treating themselves right. In response, they constantly shame themselves for what they eat, what they wear, how they look, and how much they exercise. Physical effects of eating disorders aren’t always obvious. Sometimes, they develop slowly and are evidenced through small comments and behaviors.
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