3 Things You Should Probably Stop Saying To Yourself Because They Aren’t Helpful


Our words carry a  lot of weight and influence the way you feel about the world within us as well as around us. We aren’t typically aware that some of our most go-to thoughts are things we shouldn’t be thinking at all! Growing aware of our thought processes can help us overcome and change them in order to live a happier, more peaceful life.

What If ________

What if you weren’t really addicted to drugs or hadn’t really developed alcoholism? What if you didn’t really need to be in treatment? What if all the doctors and therapists are wrong? What if you can go back out there and try doing it again, drinking and using like other people? Playing the game of “what if” is a dangerous activity. Not only does playing what if lead you down paths that could get your brain to thinking the wrong way, it’s also a waste of time. Recovery puts a lot of importance on staying present and mindful in each moment. Playing what if puts you in the fantasy of the future, rather than staying grounded in the present. What if isn’t always bad– sometimes it is worth the what if to come up with good ideas and plans. If you’re ruminating on the what if and letting time go by without any productivity, you’re playing the wrong what if game.

I Can’t ________

Most of the time, you can. There is very little we aren’t capable of doing as human beings on earth. Naturally, we have our physical and psychological limits for various things. When it comes to the more simple decisions in life we can make them. However, there is usually resistance against admitting that we don’t want to. Instead of taking ownership of our character defects which might stand in our way, we play a sort of victim card, making ourselves weak and helpless against a certain situation by telling ourselves we can’t. Though it seems like a harmless response, it actually sends a serious message to the brain, one of which includes low self-esteem.


Why is an important question, perhaps one of the most important questions human beings can ask. Without asking why about the things around us (and within us!) we would never make discoveries, innovations, and inventions. Human inquiry and contemplation is part of our consciousness and part of what makes us very distinctly human- separating us from animals. However, there are certain “why” inquiries which are out of our control. Many young children ask “why” a lot- why is the sky blue? Why does the sun go away at night? There are some questions that can’t be answered like why dad doesn’t come home every night or why mom is falling down all the time. The answer to why can be complex and out of control. Humans are complex and can often be out of our personal control. Be careful of what you spend your time and energy inquiring about.

One of the most helpful things you can say to yourself, and to someone else, is “I Need Help” when you are struggling with a drug addiction or alcoholism. Lakehouse Recovery Center is here to answer your call and provide you with the comfortable, long term, quality care you need to recover and learn how to enjoy life again, without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for more information at  877.762.3707.