3 Reasons Why Treatment Is The Safest Option For Recovery











There are a million reasons why someone would object to going to treatment for a drug and alcohol problem. A most important reason for taking time to go to treatment is being in a safe and secure place to heal.

  • Residential treatment programs provide a safe and structured place to heal: The main reason people attend residential inpatient programs is because they are not capable of staying sober on their own. Even if they were part of a program at a lower level of care, they would still feel unable to prevent themselves of picking up a drink or a drug. As a result, they are labeled as a danger to themselves and/or to others. Residential inpatient programs offer the safety and security of a structured environment which requires abstinence. Being held accountable in multiple ways, having a full day planned ahead, being supported by various therapeutic treatments help ensure safety and sobriety. For some people, absolutely everything about life is too much to handle when they are in the earliest stages of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. When meals are prepared for them, nutritionally balanced, transportation to appointments which have already been set for them is also taken care of- it is easier to focus on the therapy and healing taking place.
  • Taking 30 days or more to focus on healing frees you from outside distraction: It is a small percentage of people who discover that they are in need of attending residential treatment. Residential treatment is often criticized for being a vacation or a luxury retreat. Depending on the level of luxury and the amenities offered, sometimes it is. What people aren’t aware of is the immense amount of therapy and processing taking place. People also aren’t aware that every single modality utilized in treatment- be it massage, energy healing, yoga, or hiking- has a specific purpose in contributing to recovery. The truth is, though few people are in need of attending residential treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, most people could use a solid thirty days to work on themselves, confront their problems, and develop a new way of living. For addicts and alcoholics, this isn’t a luxury, this is a necessity for their survival. Treatment is a gift and a blessing, not a burden.
  • Professionally trained staff are onsite, awake, and available, 24/7: There are many people who make it through the early phases of recovery on their own. Combining practices like twelve step meetings, therapy, and a shift in diet and exercise can still make a lifesaving difference. Facing early recovery alone, without knowing there is someone there to talk to and help you, can feel saddening. At treatment, there is a trained and licensed staff member onsite, awake, and available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When a client cannot sleep, when they have nightmares, if there are symptoms of withdrawal suddenly popping up in the night, a staff member is available to talk them through it, provide care, and most importantly, let them know that they are not alone. Many people who work in recovery have been through treatment themselves, actively working a program of recovery currently.

We take pride in our small group residential treatment program offered at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Providing quality care for mind, body, and spirit, our step down process includes a twelve month aftercare, supporting clients through their first year of recovery. For more information, call us today at:  877.762.3707


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