3 Lies Addiction Will Tell You To Prevent Treatment

Our brains are programmed to notice negativity before positivity. Addiction thrives on this tendency. Before we are ready to go to treatment, we might have to overcome these convincing lies. We aren’t alone in thinking these thoughts. We can recover.

People Still Won’t Want to Be Near You When You’re Sober

Addiction has a peculiar way of pushing everyone who matters in our lives far, far away. Our brains suffer an immense rewiring at the hands of addiction which causes us to make poor decisions. We stop thinking about how our choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol will affect others, or ourselves. In order to sustain our need for intoxication and to avoid the pesky symptoms of withdrawal, we do whatever we have to do to find substances, then use them.

Often, this includes lying, stealing, cheating, and manipulating. Some of us do significant damage to our relationships, repeatedly hurting the people we love, however unintentionally. To protect themselves and their mental health, they separate from us. Taking time and distance, the people we love drive back away and create boundaries, which is a good thing. They tell us that when we are ready to get clean and sober, they will be there for us.

Addiction tells us otherwise. Our addiction lies to us telling us that they are lying. The people we love will not be there when we get sober. We might have thoughts that we are unworthy, undeserving, have done too much damage, or that we won’t be able to change anyway.

We’re Just Meant to Be Addicted for the Rest of Our Lives

Some people are born to be addicts and some people are not, as presume. Apparently, we somehow made the list of people born to be addicts. We feel forsaken and forgotten. Despite our futile attempts to get sober and choose something different in our lives we continue choosing our addiction. We feel it is hopeless and helpless, that we don’t deserve the help.

Nothing is Going to Work

It takes some of us a long time to come to recovery. Our addiction tells us lie after lie about how we don’t deserve to get well, don’t deserve to change, and don’t deserve to live the free life recovery offers us. It is easy to become disillusioned and get jaded by the treatment process. Without considering how important it is to continue trying, we start to give up hope as our addiction tells us nothing is going to work anyway.


You can and you will recover from drug and alcohol addiction. There is hope for you because there is a solution. If you are struggling with addiction, call Lakehouse Recovery today. Our residential treatment programs are designed to show clients how to have fun again in recovery without the use of drugs and alcohol. Healing mind, body, and spirit, we incorporate integrative activities into a clinical foundation of wellness. For information, call us today:  877.762.3707


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