The 12-Step Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

 Alcohol Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women who have lost their control when it comes to drinking and/or drug use. When first beginning their process of sobriety, AA participants find themselves in various types of trouble as a result of their addiction. The benefit of participating in an AA community is that you have people around who have found a way to live a fulfilling and satisfying life without alcohol or drugs. The point of the AA fellowship is to provide guidance and support to others who are seeking the same thing in life.

You become a member of AA when you make that decision for yourself. There are no forms to fill out and no fees to pay. Your only requirement is the decision to stop drinking or using drugs. When you decide to attend an AA meeting in Los Angeles, you’ll find that they are usually pretty lively. They are people who have struggled and survived an addiction and now many attend AA meetings to provide support. Typically, at a meeting, alcoholics talk about what drinking did to their lives, the problems they had to bear, what actions they took to get out from under the destructive pattern of addiction, and how they are living their lives today. Usually meetings, people will feel waves of inspiration and motivation to make better choices for themselves.

How AA Can Help You

Because of the success of AA as a form of drug and alcohol treatment, it has grown to include many options for those who are recovering not only from alcohol addiction, but also from addictions with food, sex, and gambling. The following is a list of AA meetings that address addictions from alcohol to methadone.

Alcoholics Anonymous

If you’re looking for a way to get sober in Los Angeles, you can contact the AA Central Office for details on where to find meetings by calling Alcohol Anonymous212-870-3400.

However, if you’re at a drug and alcohol treatment center, you’re also likely to meet many others who are experiencing the same challenges you are. In fact,Los Angeles has a great community of men and women seeking to get sober. And if you’re in Westlake Village or other suburbs of Los Angeles, you can find AA communities in the greater Los Angeles area by visiting AA’s site.

If you visit the AA website, you’ll find that one of the five factors that contribute to recovery from addiction is regular attendance to meetings. The other factors include:

  • Staying away from the first drink
  • Seeking out others who have successfully stayed sober for a long period of time
  • Putting into practice the 12 steps of recovery
  • Obtaining and studying the Big Book, a sort of bible for the Alcoholics Anonymous community

Narcotics Anonymous

This is a form of drug treatment that focuses on an addiction to narcotics that is also based upon the 12-step model. Anyone interested in NA meetings should visit the national site for Narcotics Anonymous or call 818-773-9999.

Cocaine Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to cocaine, visit the national Cocaine Anonymous website or call 310-559-5833.

CrystalMeth Anonymous

To access drug and alcohol treatment center, drug and alcohol treatment center westlake village, drug and alcohol treatment center thousand oaks, drug and alcohol treatment center agoura hills, drug and alcohol treatment center malibu that address addictions to crystal meth, visit the national Crystal Meth Anonymous site.

Gambling Anonymous | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comGambling Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to gambling, visit the national Gambling Anonymous website.

Marijuana Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to marijuana, visit the national Marijuana Anonymous website.

Methadone Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to methadone, visit the Methadone Anonymous Support website.

Nicotine Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to nicotine, visit the national Nicotine Anonymous website.

Pills Anonymous

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to prescription drugs, visit the national Pills Anonymous website.

Sexaholics Anonymous                 

To access 12-step meetings that address addictions to sexual activity, visit the national Sexaholic Anonymous website or call 615-331-6230.

These are national resources to help boost your support network if you are aiming to free yourself from an addiction and stay that way.


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