12 Month After Care Has a Purpose


At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer a 12 month after care program. For an entire year after the residential treatment experience, our clients stay within our community for an entire year as they are supported by our staff. A full year of after care has a purpose.

Too many people who go to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction relapse within their first year. Withdrawal symptoms can come and go over the course of year and up to 18 months after getting sober. With just a few short weeks or months of treatment, someone in recovery is not completely equipped to handle all of life on life’s terms without extra support. From day one to day 365 there are tremendous changes happening in life. An ongoing aftercare program supports those changes and helps clients navigate them.

Aftercare Helps Clients Create And Achieve a Vision

Recovery offers addicts and alcoholics an entire new opportunity in life. Residential treatment is just the beginning of understanding what is possible in life when a chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol is no longer part of the equation. Aftercare helps clients create the vision for their life in recovery and work towards achieving it. Going back to school, starting a new career, or integrating back into the family and much more.

Aftercare Answers “What Next?”

So you’ve just completed treatment, what are you going to do now? Many people are taken by surprise in their addiction and need for treatment. As treatment comes to a close they are asking themselves, what next? What comes after? Some of our clients transition into our intensive outpatient program. Others move into our transitional living homes as they make moves in their lives. For the short term- the first year after recovery- clients are supported. For the long term- everything after the first year of recovery- clients have support for creating a plan and laying the groundwork to get there.

Aftercare Holds Clients Accountable

Accountability holds expectations to people who have graduated treatment. Expected to stay sober, perform chores, check in, move forward, be honest- clients have a new lifestyle they have to uphold to stay sober. Checking in daily, weekly, and monthly, living on site, staying connected, and maintaining accountability helps clients stay sober. When clients go home after treatment and no longer have anyone to stay accountable to but themselves, they are prone to relapse. Aftercare makes recovery a habit which sticks.

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