How Our Family Overcame Alcohol Addiction

Husband Finds Hope With His Wife’s Miraculous Turnaround   LaDawn and Scott R, a young married couple and loving parents, living the dream in Southern California, found their family torn asunder, ravaged by LaDawn’s drinking and on the verge of calling it quits.  But now the couple have reconciled and are back on track as a result of her treatment, …Read More

What are the Consequences of Benzodiazepine Abuse?

What are the Dangers of Intravenous Drug Use?

  Injecting is one of the most dangerous routes of administration of drugs. Users choose the intravenous (IV) method of drug use because of its ability to produce immediate effects, but the potential dangers of IV drug abuse are extreme. Overdose and death are much more likely as a result of IV drug use, as well as a slew of …Read More

Discovering Self-Identity in Sobriety

Discovering Self-Identity in Sobriety

  Addiction causes us to lose touch with ourselves. Our ideas, emotions, and attitudes become controlled by our insatiable desire for the next drink or drug. Eventually, we come to a point where we feel as though we are inseparable from our addiction; that addiction is our identity. One of the great joys of sobriety is being able to finally …Read More