Benzo Addiction Treatment

Benzo Addiction Overview

Benzodiazepines (also known as Benzos) are central nervous system depressant drugs, which are designed to slow brain activity.  Benzos are usually prescribed in order to treat anxiety and sleep disorders and two of the most commonly prescribed are Xanax and Valium.  Even in instances where Xanax is prescribed, it is usually given as a short-term prescription, in order to protect people from possible dependence.  Unfortunately however, it’s not uncommon for people to develop Xanax Addiction who initially are prescribed it, and then find themselves lost in dependence.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Details

Generally speaking Xanax is prescribed to help neutralizea person’s heightened state of brain activity, which is resulting in things such as anxiety, insomnia, and/or panic attacks.  However in people who don’t need this neutralization, Xanax creates a depressed brain activity state, which results in symptoms such as extreme drowsiness, slurred speech, poor coordination and/or memory, inability to concentrate, dizziness, slowed heart rate and reduced blood pressure, risk of fainting, and more.  In higher doses, Benzos can even be used as hypnotics.

One of the reasons why Benzo Addiction Treatment is so important is people struggling with Xanax Addiction can quickly become tolerant of the drug, requiring more and more of the substance over time.  This is both why Benzos are so addictive and also puts people at extreme risk for possible overdose.  As people continue to take higher amounts of Benzos, they put themselves at greater risks for severe effects of this strong depressant, risking increasingly severe effects such as: amnesia, blurred vision, distorted senses, nightmares, extreme moodiness, impaired judgment, and fainting.  In instances of Benzo overdose, people can experience coma or fatal respiratory suppression.  Additionally, Benzo abuse is particularly dangerous in instances where people combine the drug with others, such as alcohol, heroin, and/or cocaine.

As with any form of addiction, Benzo Addiction isn’t limited to physical effects, but gradually leads to disruptions in multiple areas of people’s lives.  For instance, it’s very common for people to experience mood disturbances that can lead to depression and related symptoms, such as apathy, persistent fatigue, and a sense of hopelessness.  People commonly experience difficulties related to work or other responsibilities; tension in relationships; and increased overall stress.  One of the challenges of Benzo addiction is even when people are aware of these negative effects, they’re usually unable to stop using or overcome their behaviors on their own.  People often experience moments of motivation and determination to change, but the power of the addiction overcomes them and they find themselves right back where they started.  At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’ve designed a Benzo Addiction Treatment program that provides people with the support and motivation they need to overcome their addiction once and for all.


Benzo Addiction Treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer a full-service Benzo Addiction Treatment program, designed to support people through the challenges of gaining freedom from Benzo Addiction. Our team at The Lakehouse Recovery Center is made up of a group of caring, knowledgeable professionals who understand first-hand the ins and outs of addiction, as well as what it takes to become sober and to be prepared and equipped to maintain that sobriety.  The Lakehouse Recovery Center is located in Los Angeles County, in beautiful Westlake Village.

Benzo Addiction Treatment | Lakehouse Recovery Center


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