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When you think of the typical drug rehab center, many people might realistically assume that the treatment for drug addiction is their specialty.  This isn’t so, at least not in the case of The Lakehouse Recovery Center.  In fact, nearly 35% of Lakehouse clients over the past 5 years have sought our help primarily as an alcohol treatment center.  A large number of them did come into our care with multiple addictions, however alcohol was far and away their primary drug of choice.

While it used to be quite common to see individuals abusing alcohol as a standalone substance, such patterns have greatly changed over recent years and it has become more common to see alcohol abuse in conjunction with other drugs. 

There are several components that set alcohol treatment centers apart from those offering broader substance abuse services.  Speaking in terms of Los Angeles and Southern California specifically, many of the higher-end facilities will actually create a specialized program for these patients.  One of the main differentiators is that those with daily alcohol abuse patterns typically require formal medical care, as opposed to those struggling with drugs such as meth, cocaine and marijuana.  Another differentiator is that these individuals are faced with the prospect that their substance of choice is not illegal, nor is it difficult to find in any capacity.  To some this may seem inconsequential, however to others of whom are deep within its grasp, it is actually a major concern.

As with any addiction, prior assessment is always the first step in determining the proper course of rehab.  Many alcohol abusers find themselves in the vicious cycle of having to consume daily in order to function in society.  Whether this describes your situation or not, always be aware that no two drug addicts or alcoholics are ultimately alike.

Any bona fide alcohol treatment center offering an integrative and effective level of care will consider the following components:

  • The individual’s recent drinking habits and amounts
  • The possible presence of any co-occurring disorders, i.e., anxiety, clinical depression, PTSD, etc.
  • Addictions to any other substances in addition to alcohol
  • Family history
  • Health records and history
  • Any past relapse patters, if applicable
  • Family and immediate social structure
  • And more…

If you or a loved one are in need of an alcohol treatment center, be assured that The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers solutions that have shown tremendous success on a long-term level.  We look closely at the full scope of care and mold a treatment regimen that is most likely to merit the highest possible results.

We are extremely honored to have gained the recognition of many of Los Angeles, California’s most prominent treatment professionals, and we invite you to experience why that is.  This is a major decision, one which can and will have lifelong implications, and we will be here by your side throughout the process.

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