Alcohol Rehab Thousand Oaks

Alcohol Rehab Thousand Oaks

The moderate use of alcohol is beneficial to our health; there is no doubt about it. But, at the same time, the damages caused by alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorder (AUD) can quickly get out of hand, making alcohol one of the most dangerous substances, even more, dangerous than illicit drugs like crack cocaine and heroin. At Lakehouse Recovery Center we know just how damaging alcoholism can get.

People come to the alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks because they are losing the battle against AUD and, more importantly, because their condition falls heavily on those around them. No one wants to become an alcoholic. It just happens due to how the alcohol changes our brain chemistry and causing the nervous system to produce dopamine when drinking. This will instruct our brains that drinking alcohol is a pleasurable activity, which will cause our smart organ to trigger the drinking pattern.

What makes the difference between a casual drinker and an alcoholic is measure. Having a sense of measure is what will ultimately separate the benefits from the damages and, although it is a thin line, it is one that has to be kept in check. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, moderate alcohol consumption gets defined by one to two drinks per day tops; one for women, two for men.

The benefits can include:

– Lower risk for heart disease and heart attack

– Lower risk for ischemic stroke

– Decreased risk of diabetes

– Protection against cancer and many others

However, it must be noted that even moderate alcohol consumption is not for everybody. Some may not find the same benefits, and some may not find any. And when the situation gets out of hand, the alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks might become one’s final solution.

A deceiving killer

As shown by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), binge drinking is defined as having five drinks or more for men and four drinks or more for women; enough to increase the blood alcohol concentration to 0.08 g/dL. Heavy alcohol use is defined by resorting to binge drinking for five days per week or more.

And once you have fallen into this vicious circle, the side-effects will immediately start to show. These include:

– Behavioral changes over time; increased irritability, predisposition towards aggression, a tendency towards social seclusion and lack of interest regarding anything else besides alcohol

– A constant hangover, along with impaired thinking

– Paranoia and hallucinations at times

– Mood swings

– Short-term memory loss

– Sleeping problems

– Lower appetite and weight loss

– A higher risk of cancer, cirrhosis, and dementia and so on

If it wasn’t obvious already, alcohol comes with way more health hazards than benefits, especially when the drinker begins resorting to binge drinking regularly. The programs of alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks, like the ones we, at Lakehouse Recovery Center, push forward, are meant to treat alcohol use disorder in any stage, regardless of the severity. And the sooner the patient signs in for rehab, the easier the entire process will become.

Alcohol Rehab Thousand Oaks
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