Alcohol Rehab California

Alcohol Rehab California

Who hasn’t had a glass of wine or a beer mug from time to time? Alcohol has brought us together from the oldest times, and it keeps doing so to this day. Despite that, alcohol is a menace to our physical and mental health, and it can deliver significant consequences if taken lightly. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we are primarily interested in its dark side, because that’s the one that’s more prevalent and widespread among the population.

Among the many programs of alcohol rehab in California, the best ones will focus on all aspects of a patient’s life that may lay at the foundation of alcohol abuse.

We already know that genetics make for half of the factors leading the individual on the path of alcoholism, while the other half includes environmental factors like:

– Recurrent binge drinking episodes due to entourage pressures

– Looking for a fun time with friends, which turns repetitive over time

– Trying to cope with mental disorders, including anxiety or depression

– Trying to deal with daily stress

– Battling with emotional trauma or more serious mental conditions

Regardless of the reasons why individuals start regularly drinking, though, the outcome is almost always the same – a gradual degradation of the addict’s life.

You are one drink away from your doom

We don’t fully know the exact moment someone crosses the threshold from occasional drinker to that of an alcoholic, with severe social and psychological problems. We can identify each stage in particular, but we can’t pinpoint the exact moment one stage evolves into another.

Nevertheless, identifying the different stages of alcohol consumption is the key when starting the program of alcohol rehab in California. A successful rehabilitation treatment has to consider every factor that may have added to the development of the addictive behavior. This is the only way of putting together a solid rehab plan, one which would completely change the patient’s mental mapping.

For this reason, there are several stages which define every alcohol rehabilitation treatment:

– Assessing the patient’s condition – During this first stage the clinicians and the psychologists will determine the individual’s physical and mental state, will analyze the symptoms, how advanced alcohol addiction is and whether the patient suffers from additional mental problems as well.

– Medical detox – Once all data is in check, aggressive medication is needed to both control the withdrawal manifestations and for treating the co-occurring disorders if required.

– Behavioral and emotional therapies – These therapies represent the foundation of any successful rehabilitation treatment because they teach the patient the most effective ways of coping with the cravings, provide education with regards to the dangers of alcoholism and restore the patient’s self-confidence and determination.

– Relapse prevention mechanisms – Preventing the relapse is the key to keeping the AUD at bay. The patient will have to learn how to get his dopamine from other sources like sports, art or anything in between.

For these reasons, alcohol rehab in California is, with Lakehouse Recovery Center, probably the best chance an alcoholic can get at getting his life and relearning how beautiful it can be without alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab California
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