Alcohol Detox Treatment

Alcohol Detox Overview

Alcohol Detox is the first step in for Alcohol Abuse and/or Alcoholism Treatment.  In instances where people have been abusing alcohol, the brain and body can essentially become physically dependent upon the substance.  This not only contributes to addiction, but also can present withdrawal symptoms, when a person no longer takes the substance.  Therefore, as with many other instances of substance withdrawal, it’s common for people going through the Alcohol Detox process often to experience a number of challenging, uncomfortable symptoms, as their bodies detox from the substance.  For this reason, we’ve designed a support program that ensures and protects a person’s physical and mental well-being, throughout this process, so they can successfully and thoroughly engage in therapeutic work.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Detox Treatment | Lakehouse Recovery CenterWhile symptoms vary according to the individual, some of the symptoms commonly experienced throughout the Alcohol Detox process include, but are not limited to:

  • flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, weakness, and sweating;
  • insomnia;
  • feelings of anxiety and depression;
  • tremors and/or body shakes;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • heart palpitations and difficulty breathing;and in some cases, seizures.

While experiencing these symptoms can be challenging, the good news is people we work with in Alcohol Detox also report almost-immediate feelings of relief, encouragement, and hope.


Lakehouse Recovery Center Alcohol Detox Treatment

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we provide Alcohol Detox treatment and support, for people struggling with alcoholism and/or alcohol abuse.  Our treatment program is designed to provide physical, mental, and emotional support necessary in order for people to safely and successfully detox from alcohol, which is the foundational first step in successful alcohol treatment and recovery.  Our programs are designed to provide men and women with the therapeutic support, guidance, and structure necessary for them to make important changes which they can sustain and which will vastly improve the quality of their lives.

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, our Alcohol Detox Treatment program is designed to support a person through the detoxification process, and into therapeutic treatment.  Depending on the person’s own usage patterns, past experiences, and individual health, we design each Alcohol Detox plan to address and support the person’s specific critical and ancillary needs.  Our Alcohol Detox treatment plans include short-term and long-term perspectives, so that a person’s time detoxing is always being structured to prepare for, and begin, a person’s larger Alcohol Abuse Treatment plan.  In this way, Lakehouse Recovery Center Alcohol Detox doesn’t just support men and women to become sober, but equips them mentally, emotionally, and physically, to improve their lives, by gaining freedom from addiction.  Located in beautiful Southern California, in West Lake Village, at Lakehouse Recovery Center we’ve created a treatment environment that is a safe, supportive haven where people come to heal and grow.