Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Information and Solutions for Alcoholism Treatment

alcoholism treatment in Westlake VillageWhether you are a full blown alcoholic or still in the earlier stages to where it hasn’t quite become part of the daily habit, alcoholism treatment is an experience that many along this journey will inevitably be forced to contend with.  It doesn’t matter where you live or how much you make or what you do, and whether you live in a Los Angeles mansion or under a bridge near downtown, the power of alcohol addiction is usually no match for the human will.

Like most forms of chemical dependency, the transition from casual drinker to excessive use is one that almost always sees blurred lines as the individual crosses from one to the next.  This journey often entails numerous experiences consisting of job loss, strained relationships, stints in jail following yet another DUI/DWI, financial hardships, poor grades in school and any number similar experiences.  Sadly, family and friends stand on the sidelines pleading for some type of alcoholism treatment as a means for intervening on the drinker.

For those of you who can relate to such horrid experiences, let us reassure you that there is a solution which shows a higher that average rate of success.  Over the past decade, The Lakehouse Recovery Center has come to be known as one of Los Angeles, California’s foremost leaders in alcoholism treatment, along with the treatment for nearly all forms of chemical dependency.  Included in this array is also those with dual-diagnosis or otherwise referred to as co-occurring disorders.

The unique hybrid method we employ at The Lakehouse is one that, essentially blends numerous approaches as a means for inhibiting the likelihood for certain barriers to exist, as they so commonly do in traditional, singular approach drug rehabs.  Consequently, patients at our facilities often achieve successes never before experienced, resulting from such methods as:

  • Monitored Neuro-cognitive development program
  • Blended 12-Step and non 12-Step approaches
  • Integrative holistic therapies
  • Customized therapeutic approaches targeting the patient’s individual needs
  • Specialized fitness programs
  • Enhanced life reintegration techniques
  • Intensive relapse prevention strategies
  • Specialty nutrition, cuisine and supplemental elements
  • Experiential therapies designed to reinstill life enjoyment without the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Ongoing support and sober community involvement
  • Psychiatric and medication management as needed per the individual

For those of whom undergo alcoholism treatment at The Lakehouse, there exists something truly special and very unique as compared to the traditional “drug rehab” approach.  It is especially prevalent among those that have had prior experiences at other facilities.

Here in Los Angeles, for instance, many treatment centers will tend to focus mainly on the holistic or luxury components, however often times falling short on the clinical end.  Elsewhere it is common to see rehabs promoting singular approaches such as 12-Step or faith-based practices, yet discounting the many recent scientific advancements in cognitive-neuro development.  Unfortunately, it is ultimately the patient that pays the price…

We invite you to experience a new level of alcoholism treatment, and we encourage you to embark on a journey that can be the key to a long, fruitful and joyous existence in sobriety!