Recovery Aftercare Support

To insure long-term recovery, the Lakehouse Recovery Center offers continuing family counseling 

For 12 full months after completing initial 28 day primary care program each Lakehouse client is assigned a trained, highly skilled recovery advocate (case manager) who will regularly contact our men and women in treatment to follow up on their discharge plan. These individuals, all of whom have been successful in recovery themselves for three years or more, will provide continuing accountability.

Graduates of our program will develop a relationship with these advocates while still at the Lakehouse. In each succeeding month the Case Managers will track the progress by phone or Skype of each client, registering pertinent information, i.e., are they continuing with their IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), are they following up with their doctors or therapists, are they going to twelve step meetings, in contact with their sponsors, etc. All data is available online to all invited family or loved ones. If a client is struggling or non-responsive, non-compliance will be red-flagged and our counselors will follow up. Registered family members, along with our clients, may call our Advocates at any time and find support night or day.

If a client in primary care elects to transition into our Sober Living home they are uniquely able to continue their group and individual therapy with the same therapeutic team they began with in primary care with one of our Intensive Outpatient Programs.

These IOPs are covered by most PPO Insurance Plans, including Anthem Blue Cross.