Residential Drug Rehab

Residential drug rehab at Lakehouse ranges from 30 to 90 day programs and is tailored specifically to the individual client’s needs.We integrate a multitude of therapy types and ancillary services & activities in order to best prepare the client for an esteemed and sober lifestyle

Residential Drug Rehab - The Lakehouse Recovery CenterResidential drug rehab, sometimes referred to as inpatient treatment, is the catalyst enabling many drug addicts and alcoholics to begin embarking on a journey toward a new way of living. This process is integral in more ways than one. First and foremost, it affords the individual the benefit of living within a temporary protective shield between them and the often overbearing temptations of day to day living. While some people may have the ability to draw a line in the sand upon reaching a certain level of pain and misery resulting from chemical dependency, many others are simply unable to adhere to their heart’s wishes and will inevitably, time and time again fall victim to temptation. Residential treatment, however, must be substantially more that just a fence or protective layer. It must comprise a powerful array of tools and resources that combined, are able to effectively overcome the grasp and outward appeal of addiction…it must or else it’s almost certain to fail!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.07.29 PMWhen The Lakehouse Recovery Center first embarked on the path of merging advanced neuroscience with therapeutic recovery approaches, it was considered almost groundbreaking! Many rehab facilities throughout Southern California became aware of our unorthodox approaches, and though it showed a substantially higher rate of success , they opted to remain loyal to previously narrower approach.

Today The Lakehouse is not only among Los Angeles, California’s most highly regarded treatment centers, it goes a step further by providing such effectiveness at about half the cost of other comparable facilities. We believe that conditions like drug addiction and alcoholism must be met head-on with with every possible tool!


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