Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient treatment for addiction or alcoholism is an invaluable tool for those in various different scenarios. More often than not however, we recommend IOP (intensive outpatient treatment) as a very effective add-on following our 30 and 60 day inpatient treatment plans. In such cases the client is able to dramatically expand their foundation in sobriety in a capacity that offers real-life components.

The Lakehouse believes strongly in the practice of applying the tools of sobriety as much as possible in preparation for all that life has to offer. The benefit of being enrolled and actively involved in an outpatient group is that it provides the benefit of this while having a backup support structure to bolster transition back into mainstream society.

What may often times seem trivial to a non-addict can be earth-shattering to someone new in recovery. At the same rate however, it is terribly important not to shield the newcomer from such possibilities, but rather to stand by their side and guide & support them as they walk through it…as they walk through it without resorting to taking that first drink or drug as a means of coping.

Outpatient rehab offers many wonderful benefits including:

  • Maximizing accountability and support during times of transition
  • Situational processing and support
  • Ongoing building of sober social circle
  • Therapeutic components for client & loved ones
  • Flexible scheduling
  • and more…

Remember this, the end goal is to develop an effective approach that will result in a high quality of sobriety for years to come. We are absolutely committed to this, which means that the level of care you receive, whether inpatient or outpatient, will not waiver one bit!

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