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Addiction Intervention Services in Los Angeles CA

To some drug addicts and alcoholics the intervention process is the much needed catalyst that will ultimately propel them into addiction treatment. They are simply unable or unwilling (or both) to come to terms with the seriousness of their situation. The critical point to consider is that it is not their fault. Maybe the choices they made in earlier life leading up to this day are their fault, but where they are and how they live today would be akin to an Alzheimer’s patient not remembering their way home; they are in the grips of this condition and cannot escape.

There is no question as to the increased likelihood for success when involving a qualified, experienced addiction interventionist. These professionals are able to adapt and transform the addict’s often skewed thinking into a more reasonable and grounded thought pattern. They are able to guide the loved ones in a specific direction and essentially merge it all together with the end goal being immediate admission into addiction treatment.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center provides a variety of intervention services throughout California and nationwide. We work closely within a network of professionals that have shown tremendous success in what they do and how they do it. The interventionist will closely coordinate with our internal team and all arrangements will be in place prior to the intervention . This is a process that carefully balances numerous elements and is based on a foundation that offers the addict no reasonable alternative other than to enter treatment immediately!

If there is one thing we can impart it is this; do not be leery of confronting and intervening on the individual. Addicts and alcoholics die every single day, and taking a stand in a way that effectively intervenes on them can be the fork in the road that enables them to avoid being yet another statistic in this horrifying way!

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