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At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality addiction treatment services to people from all different backgrounds. This includes Addiction Treatment for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH), which is one of our specialized programs here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center, and provides people with the unique support, understanding, and resources they need to achieve lasting recovery from addiction. If you or a loved one is Deaf or Hard of Heating and needs help freeing themselves from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, we welcome you here at The Lakehouse Recovery Center.

At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a disease that affects all different kinds of people, including those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. In fact, a recent study reports that about 40% of people with disabilities of some kind struggle with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Despite this unfortunately high statistic, the majority of existing treatment facilities do not cater to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and in some cases, will not admit them, as they’re not equipped to meet the needs of this population. This can make what is an already difficult journey of seeking help feel even more daunting and unlikely for people in the DHOH community. At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we’ve designed a full-service Addiction Treatment program for this population, which includes all of our high quality addiction treatment components, including additional unique support services.

While in our Addiction Treatment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program, people will have the valuable support of highly skilled, knowledgeable team members who understand their unique needs.  At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we understand that sometimes disabilities, such as deafness, can create unique challenges and can cause people to feel isolated and alone. When the deaf and hard of hearing are also struggling with addiction, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and feelings of low self-worth can overwhelm just about every area of life. One of the powerful benefits of our Addiction Treatment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program is that it provides people with company, community, and care, throughout this challenging time.

In our treatment programs, we first work to help people explore their current inner experience, including the deeper reasons for their current addictive behaviors. We also help people to explore how those behaviors are affecting their lives and what kinds of lifestyle, relational, and/or behavioral changes may contribute to healing and positive change. Each day in treatment, we work together to process struggles, identify thoughts and feelings, and practice new healthy habits, so that upon leaving The Lakehouse, people will be both sober and empowered to sustain their sobriety. At the same time, we also work with people to help them experience a sense of increased community, by connecting them with valuable resources and opportunities, in the area. We understand the innate value in supporting people to re-engage and connect with others in the DHOH community, where they can feel truly seen, understood, and accepted. One of the primary resources we draw upon is the California State University of Northridge, which is a valuable hub of resources for the DHOH community and is only 30 minutes away from our Los Angeles facility. Lastly, our Addiction Treatment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program provides support to people both during their primary care treatment as well as in the Lakehouse Aftercare program, such as our sober living home, and our job assist program.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center Team:

All individuals in treatment at The Lakehouse Recovery Center will work with the lead members of our wonderful professional addiction treatment team, as well as our Deaf and Hard of Hearing DHOH Program Manager, Meghan Hunt. Meet Meghan below!

A Note from Meghan Hunt

Hello! My name is Meghan Hunt! My sobriety date is January 20, 2009. I started learning American Sign Language within my first year of recovery and have maintained my passion of signing since then. I am currently a student at California State University of Northridge where I will be getting my BA in Deaf Studies, Recreation Management in May 2017. I am also attending Pierce College where I am majoring in ASL Interpreting and will receive my AA in May 2017 as well. I am very excited about the Deaf andHard of Hearing (DHOH) Program at The Lakehouse Recovery Center!


For any other questions you may have regarding our DHOH Addiction Treatment Program, please feel free to call us directly. We are always happy to help answer questions, discuss treatment options, or help to explore next steps.

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The Lakehouse Recovery Center is a full-service substance abuse treatment center, located on majestic Lake Sherwood in Westlake Village, California. One of the premier centers in Los Angeles for Addiction Treatment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, The Lakehouse Recovery Center provides support for all aspects of addiction recovery, offering detox and withdrawal support, emotional and behavioral therapy, Sober Living community, and aftercare support services.