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Drug and Alcohol Rehab At The Lakehouse Recovery Center

The Lakehouse Recovery Center provides an integrated approach to recovery treatment and rehabiliton through our addiction treatment programs. We offer alcohol programs, drug and prescription drug addiction programs, treatment aftercare, and outpatient services. By walking with you through the entire recovery process, we can help you attain long-term success.

How Is the Lakehouse Recovery Center Different?

The Lakehouse is a family-like atmosphere where we laugh and cry together, experience growth and bond with one another through our recovery of substance abuse. Our staff at the Lakehouse drug and alcohol rehab facility can help you begin your treatment today. Whether you are looking for substance abuse treatment for you or a loved one, contact us!  Our variety of programs are lead by men and women who are in recovery as well. They help guide you; not just through your program, but through all of your recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Starts with You!

We are a comprehensive drug treatment center and addiction recovery center serving Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and surrounding California areas. We know how difficult it is to be free of addiction, but we can help. Our treatment can help you begin your new life. We know how difficult this journey is, but you do not have to go through it on your own. We offer many treatment options, from addiction recovery, mental health treatment, relapse prevention, to outpatient care. Our team is with you during each step of the process.


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